What People Say

Mario Piergallini

Buff and Gail took absolute wonderful care of our two dogs (Rico, a chocolate Labrador and Abby, a 5 pound Terrier mix). We were away for five nights, missing them each and every moment. Buff sent us updates with photos and videos of them to help keep us from worrying. Our two have never spent any time away from us until this trip, so we were quite concerned about how they would respond. They can't wait to go camping again!! Thank you Buff and Gail for taking such good care of our kids!! We'll be back!!

Bill Bright

Gail and Buff have done an excellent job in both our dog grooming and pet boarding. They take care of our pets as if they were their very own. Their staff is just as attentive. I would highly recommend their services to anybody.

Bette P.

TLC Mobile Pet Grooming has a van all fitted out for bathing or grooming cats & dogs. Gail, the owner, and her partner came to my home yesterday to give my cat Max his bath. Gail has been in the business for 20 years and has 3 vans that service different parts of the bay area.

I took Max out to the van in his carrier and they let me come into the van so I could watch Max have his bath. Bathing a cat is definitely a two-person job. The van's sink is wide enough for two people to stand shoulder to shoulder so one person is washing/rinsing/drying while the other person can be holding whatever part of the animal isn't being worked on. Very safe and effective.

They put Max in a big sink and put a soft harness on him, (looked like bungee cords but of course not stretchy) and washed him with warm water, then soaped him up, rinsed him really well, applied a coat conditioner and dried him off. He yowled a bit and didn't enjoy the process at all, but Gail and partner were gentle with him but firm so they could get the job done quickly. They took the harness off when they dried him, and he was kind of stealthily trying to get away, but they just kept moving him back and drying him off until he was done. Then back in the carrier and into the house.

He looked clean before, but he looks cleaner now and his coat is even softer than before, just incredibly soft. He was fine about 2 minutes after I brought him back into the house, not traumatized at all. Gail said cats get used to the whole bath experience over time, which is a good thing for Max as I'll definitely be calling Gail again.

Beverly b.

My 2 shiztsu's love TLC Mobile Pet Grooming as much as I do. They are always happy when Gail comes because she is so good and kind with them. They don't have to be locked up in a cage all day at inside grooming parlors. It is a convenience to me because I can leave and she can come even when I'm gone. TLC has a system of calling ahead a day or so to remind us when they are coming and they always come on the specific day.
My cat Bud just got his first bath today because Gail found fleas on the dogs and then she even took him to the Vet for a worming shot for me. I can't say Bud was thrilled with his "outing" but he'll be happier now he doesn't have any fleas or pin worms. This service is definitely worth the money.

Jacqueline j.

I'm so lucky to have found Gail! My cat Molly wouldn't let anyone groom her or even get near her until we found Gail. Not only does she do a wonderful job but Molly is excited to see her when she pulls up. I've already booked appointments for the next year. Her prices are fair and anyone who isn't using her is really missing out. THANK YOU GAIL! You and your company get a 10 from Molly and me.

Zoey N.

I love that they love my pets! They come to our house and the service is always great. I have experienced nothing but wonderful customer service. Buff has such a kind heart and an amazing love for animals. I recommend this company and so do my dogs

Suzanne h.

OMG! What a find. Buff is amazing!! He is like the Dog Whisper of San Jose. Buff was so nice, very informative, gentle and caring to my two dogs and best of all the dogs looked great!!! I can't say enough about this company. Do yourself and your dogs a favor and give them a try I am SO glad I did.

Alicia s.

Buff is an excellent groomer. He also took the time to talk about my little one's diet and habits. I will definitely be giving TLC a call regularly to have my fur baby groomed at least every other month. Everything came out even better than I expected with the grooming services.

Buff has a special way with animals that was noticeable especially when a neighbor walked by with two large dogs that are historically not very sociable. He's amazing! Their service is truly convenient, and Buff called me ten minutes prior to his scheduled arrival, which was a pleasant surprise. To Buff: Thanks from Nola and Alicia...see you soon!!!

Anne G.

TLC is my dogs "Home Away From Home". Both "Maggie" and "Truman" enjoyed their 15 day stay with Gail, and we knew they were safe and happy while we were on vacation. Gail called me several times just to let me know what they were doing, and how well they adjusted. When Gail returned them this morning they were happy to see us, but not overjoyed the way they previously had been after staying in a typical 'boarding" facility. This is the biggest compliment possible! I should probably say that we missed them much more than they missed us! It was also a real plus that Gail was able to give them baths this morning, they came home clean and pedicured.
Thank You Gail!
"Truman" and "Maggie's" Mom

Erik a.

My wife and I used TLC with our little dog named Paul. I've never seen Paul so happy to get groomed. He never smells better than the he does after TLC stops by. Also worth noting is that the folks at TLC are extremely pleasant to work with!

Pam h

Gail at TLC Mobile Pet Grooming was EXTREMELY helpful! She went out of her way to help w/my very large, old dog. Great job, Gail - Thank you so very much!!!

Elisabeth P.

This was our first time using a pet groomer and we were very impressed with the results. Gail showed up at our house at the time we had agreed upon (the TLC pet groomer van was very impressive by the way). My boyfriend and I brought out our cat and dropped him off with Gail. She confirmed that we wanted a shave and a wash, then went to work. 40 minutes later, she called my cell phone and informed us that our cat was ready. Our cat was beautiful! Gail did a wonderful job and seems to be very good with animals. We paid her, thanked her for the excellent work, and took our beautifully-groomed cat back to our house. Highly recommended.

Cari A.

Gail was awesome!!! She showed up on time the same day I called, even a little early, to groom my Maine Coon who had matts on her underside and really oily fur. My kitty looks & feels like a renewed show cat - she is very soft & silky and Gail seemed to be gentle with her. The completely amazing part though was when she came in to clip Angelica's nails, a cat who is SO against anyone forcing her to do anything that I can't even put Advantage on the back of her neck without her freaking out.
My husband and I have both tried to contain her to clip her razor sharp dagger nails, but even with 2 of us we were never able to. Then Gail comes in and clipped Angelica's nails in just a couple of minutes, I was shocked!! I thought for sure Angelica would try to rip Gail up but she was fine! And Angelica wasn't even freaked out afterwards - she was happy! Gail is indeed the "Cat Whisperer!" Also, she clipped the nails on my 3rd cat who came up to her at no charge. I will definitely call her again!

Linda N.

Today was the first time TLC came to our home to groom our dogs. I was very impressed with their professional manner and their promptness. Our dogs are 12 and 14 and getting feeble, but they were very gentle with them. They look, feel, and smell so much better. I will definitely use them again and will also tell others about their great service.

Andrew C.

This was our first experience with TLC - they were recommended to us by a friend after I had called 5 other groomers (searching geographically) with no responses from anyone.

I called Gail on a Friday, she was able to check her calendar on the fly and booked us for a spot that Sunday. She called ahead of time and was actually able to come early. Our Doodle took to her right away and was back better than new in about an hour - way better than the 4 to 5 hours he has spent sitting in a cage at other groomers, both private and big-box stores alike.

The cost was higher than groomers we've gone to in the past, but considering the convenience of having her come to us, having him done in an hour, and a good, clean hair/nail cut - I was very happy with their service. We'll definitely be calling TLC again.

Ben M.

Trustworthy, knowledgeable, friendly, affordable, and oh so convenient; I honestly can't see how anyone would not love their services. I have them come to my office and take care of our pet friendly environment on a monthly basis. Highly recommend them to anyone who is on the fence.

Ms H.

A little more expensive than traditional groomers but worth it. I have a senior dog who lost her eye sight about a year ago. Taking and leaving her at a groomer is not an option... or one that I will consider. Buff was wonderful with her, and allowed me to stay with her the entire time. He lifted her in/out of the van and handled her as if she was his own. He even called the following day to see how she was doing. I will definitely call upon TLC again in the future!

Debbie S.

TLC Mobile Pet Grooming was great! I loved them. They showed up on time and I only had an appointment to get my dog groomed but they also groomed my cat at the last minute. I'm going to use this company for all my pet grooming needs and I'm considering using them while I go on vacation.

Julie H.

I was very impressed with the quick response to my phone call inquiry and set up time to groom my Australian Shepard. TLC was great with my skittish dog. They were very caring and did a wonderful job with her. It was less traumatic and less stressful to have the one-on-one treatment and quick (instead of having her in a unknown environment or caged all day, etc). I will be using their mobile service again in the future. Thank you!

Susan E.

I got Gail on the phone the first time I called. I was in desperate need of getting a Lab and Golden washed and the Golden shaved down. They are both old and big. The price turned out to be a little bit more than she originally quoted but I didn't mind because these dogs were a mess and I still felt it was reasonable all things considered. The lifting table that enabled to get them into the bath was good. It's hard to deal with such big geriatric dogs.
I think I got lucky in that she had an opening the same day I called. Don't know what her scheduling skills are like but the dogs and I are much happier. I like her state-of-the-art setup. Her suggestions were welcome re: a mobile vet, diet suggestions (which has reduced their allergies) and the fact that she didn't mind me standing there and watching because I had a hernia (therefore cannot wash them myself any longer). My experience overall was good and will use her again.

Laurie K.

We called Gail on a Friday and we made an appointment for the following Wednesday to have two cats groomed/bathed. Our female cat needed complete shaving/bathing, but we warned Gail that in the past she had to be sedated so if it seemed like she would be too much of a problem we would pass on her shaving/bathing. Gail confidently took her and was able to shave and bathe her without any problems! She then shaved/bathed the second cat, and when we asked her if she could possibly give a third cat a bath she said it wasn't a problem. When she finished with him, we asked her if she could trim a fourth cat, and again, she said no problem, and even took the time to give him a bath.

The service we received from Gail was fantastic. She is very good with the animals and we were very happy with the services she provided. All our cats felt so clean and smelled so good! 🙂

The convenience of having Gail come to our house was so much easier than hauling cat after cat to a groomer. And what we liked about this service is when she was finished with each cat, they were able to go directly into the house where they are most comfortable and not forced into a cat carrier for the ride home.

In the future, when our cats need grooming, we will definitely call Gail and TLC Mobile Pet Grooming.

Nanci M.

I LOVE TLC!! Robert and Gail have been in the business for years and my little pups and I benefit from their experience as they are not only their groomer but a good ear to bounce my pet's health issues to. I have been their client for 7 years. Robert and Gail love my pups as much as I do and their friendly no cage environment is the only way for my pups. My dogs have allergies and Robert and Gail are always available to help us during an outbreak no matter what the time of day. My pups are happy and healthy because of their care and experience. And they look cute too. Robert and Gail are not in it for my buck but because they love what they do and I'm grateful!

Jenna G.

We called TLC on a Saturday evening - looking for someone to come to the house to groom our two puggles. TLC called us back within 10mins and scheduled an appt. for the next day (Sunday). We were thrilled! We were told that they would arrive somewhere between 2pm-3pm and Buff called at 2pm to let us know where he was and would be there shortly. Buff came and met the dogs and took each off one at a time. It was fantastic! Both dogs came back smelling and looking great and still looking for Buff to pet them some more. We felt it was a GREAT service at a great price (about the same as if we had to load them in the car and cart them to PetSmart or another local place - but without the hassle). The dogs got their teeth cleaned, nails clipped, ears cleaned, anal glands expressed and a full wash and brush out... we will be using them again as they come to our area about every 4 weeks.

Dave W.

Buff did a wonderful job with our Pugamo, Smokey. This was only Smokey's 2nd time at the groomer and he is still very difficult to work with. Buff was extremely patient and did not rush the process at all. He knew just what to do to calm Smokey down and get the best haircut done as possible. The family is very happy with the end result. We'll be seeing Buff again for future grooming for Smokey.

Lory H.

I have used TLC for about eight years now. I used to use them just to groom my cat but now use them to board my "rescue" Great Dane. I told Buff about her abandonment issues and was worried to leave her alone. He came to the house a few days before I left to get to know her so my leaving wouldn't be so traumatic for her. He didn't charge me a dime for this. I travel a lot so she probably averages about 5 - 7 days a month with him. She absolutely loves him. He can come get here when I'm in the house and she's in the back. He simply calls her name and she perks up and happily bounces all the way to his grooming truck. When he drops her off, I have to hold onto her so she doesn't follow him back. She loves coming home but I can tell she always misses Buff and her dog friends. Oh yah, she comes home exhausted too! I wouldn't leave her with anyone else!

Elizabeth C.

We have known Buff for many years and both of our dogs - Sadie and Marlie - have benefited from his loving attention. Buff is a true animal lover and our dogs know it. Unfortunately, we had the sad experience of losing our Sadie today but we were graced by the help of Buff who went with my husband to the vet as a support. You can't buy that kind of commitment to an animal or a customer. Sadie was an old girl - a beautiful black lab - and Buff had known her since she was a pup. It was nice for her to have him there and a comfort for us. Buff goes the extra mile in every way. Thanks Buff and Mobile TLC!

Travis L.

Great Service. Fast, Convenient, reasonably priced. Much better than Petco grooming. Both my dog and I were very pleased with TLC.

Kathleen O.

I've used TLC 3 times for my emo cat Oddjob. He weighs in @ 19 pounds, has long hair and is quite shy. I didn't know what to expect of the grooming experience and was anxious. I'm emo too! Gail and Shannon treated Oddjob w/ great care and returned him to me clean, and to my great surprise - unperturbed. He hopped out of his carrier and proceeded to eat in front of Gail. I mean, this cat has not let anyone other than me pet him in 10 years. Gail has an inner calmness and a love for animals that is palpable. This is of great importance to me. OJ looks amazing - like a lion. Thank you.

Jane C.

I used TLC mobile pet grooming yesterday for the first time and they were excellent. I have a longhaired cat (Bob) and his coat had become matted. Bob has also had health issues in the past so I wanted an environment that would not stress him out too much. Buff was on time and he had an instant bond with my cat. There was no hissing or growling involved at all! He gave Bob an adorable "lion cut", clipped his nails and cleaned his ears. The whole thing was done in about 15-20 minutes. I wish I could add a picture here, my cat has never looked better. Thanks to Buff the "cat whisperer" for such great service! I will definitely use TLC again when the need arises. I would recommend them to anyone. Buff if you are reading this...Bob says Hi!

Amber A.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this company! I have 2 English Bulldogs who have stayed with Gail and Buff/ the TLC camp. I can count on them to give my dog's their meds, play with them, and take them for walks. They are allowed to sleep anywhere they want in the house and I love the freedom they give my babies. They always come home happy, fed, and in good spirits. I was worried about my male bullie bonding with other dogs, since he's been camping there, the transformation has been incredible. He got along really well with the other dogs and there was at least 9. Their prices are reasonable which is good since I am on a tight budget. They also pick up the dogs and drop them off at no extra charge. I am so glad that I have found them! They have a very busy schedule and I feel they get back to me within a reasonable amount of time. I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!

Melissa G.

Camp TLC was wonderful! I had a bad experience with boarding a couple years ago, but Gail really set me at ease. My dogs came home happy which made me happy. I will definitely be taking them there whenever I need to board them. I think not having them locked up in cages is a wonderful practice.


I LOVE TLC Mobile Grooming. I used their services for 3 months while I had a broken ankle (and was previously doing the grooming myself). I have a dog with a very difficult undercoat and they did a great job. They are very professional and very very nice. She came to my door, allowed me to view the van, and groomed my dog. My dog seemed happy and came back into the house looking very nice!

I also recommended them to my friend who's husband's very elderly cat was - er - having potty issues and really needed a bath. My friend called me up after TLC visited them raving about how good they were with their frail kitty. The groomer also remembered me as well - and it had been over a year!

You will not regret using their service!