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English Creme Golden Retriever Puppies!

You and your family have trusted TLC for over 30 years to give you quality care and integrity of service in grooming and boarding for your pets; which we truly appreciate you in doing.

We have done our due diligence in selecting prize-winning breeding stock; we have done all of the VIP testings, and they have produced puppies that are Smart, Low Maintenance, and Trustworthy Family Dogs!

Another really great thing that we do with the puppies is imprinting. Research has shown that Early Neurological Stimulation exercises produce dogs that are more resilient to stress have better adrenal systems, a calmer demeanor, and other favorable qualities.

Your dog will also never suffer from bad or itchy skin. There is a gene that some dogs carry called Ichthyosis, or ICH. Our breeding pairs have been tested and do not carry the ICH gene. So your puppy will never suffer from bad and itchy skin conditions.

We hope this information stirs you to want to see (and fall in love) with our babies! Call now!