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Welcome to TLC! Whether you are new visitor to our website or have been bringing your pet to TLC for years, we are glad you are here. Our names are Robert (We call him “Buff”!) and Gail Benson, and we are the proud owners of TLC Mobile Pet Grooming and Boarding. Together, the two of us have been involved in the pet industry for more than 40 years. TLC is the product of all of our years of hard won knowledge.

We’ve been located in the South Bay Area for about 19 years now, and owning this pet resort is a lifelong dream for us. We have intentionally kept the size of TLC on the small side, because we believe it allows us to provide each pet with more personalized attention. Doing so allows us to provide each pet with a specialized diet, administer medications if necessary, and make sure that each pet stays hydrated.

At TLC, you will be able to rest assured that we are constantly looking out for the best interests of your pet. If your furry companion suffers from homesickness or separation, then it is a guarantee that they’ll end up hanging out with one of us on a 24/7 basis. Much to the amusement of our friends and family, these special clients will often wind up sleeping in the bed with us. Fortunately, we have a big bed with plenty of room!
Before your pet comes to TLC, we’ll take the time to get know them (and you!) on a personal basis. We’ll find out what your pets likes and dislikes are, whether they have any disabilities or sensitivities we should know about, and about their age, breed, and other pertinent information. We want to work with you to develop a care plan for your baby that will meet both of your needs.

It is a guarantee that your pet is going to have the time of their lives at Camp TLC. Because we are caretakers at heart, we love having plenty of furry children around. Yes, it does get a little crazy around here sometimes! However, we have plenty of caretakers on board who are just as enthusiastic about animals as we are.

Our Team



My interest in the wonderful world of Pet Care began early in my life because my Mom, “Mose” always read Dr. Doolittle to my Brother Chris and myself. My journey in Pet Care continued as I worked as a Veterinary Assistant for my Uncle; Dr. J. Hal Hopson DVM in New Mexico and Dr. Martin H. Fremont DVM at Los Gatos Dog & Cat Hospital. Continuing with Degrees from New Mexico State University; Animal Science B.Sc. ’70 and Animal Nutrition M.Sc. ’72. In my early self employment days , I began and owned a full service grooming, boarding, and retail store in Palm Desert, CA, called Buff’s Pets N’ More.

As, Co-Owner of TLC Mobile Pet Grooming & Pet Hotel, I am fortunate to put my TRUE LOVE OF PETS to good use each day. For me, I can’t think of anything else that I would rather do; other than enjoying our close knit family, circle of friends and our collection of cats, dogs and horses.

I am TRULY BLESSED to help pet owners take BETTER CARE of their ” furry kids” whether its grooming, boarding, or consulting.

E-mail: buff@mobile-pet-grooming.com



I was the kid who always brought home “lost ” pets. My mother made me take them back.

When I was 16, I owned an Irish Setter. I remember getting the phone book out and calling a grooming shop to ask them what to do with her hair. Later in college, I had a Cocker Spaniel and got a part time job at a grooming shop as a bather. I loved the dogs. I loved the mess. I loved making people happy with clean animals.

After college, in 1989, I bought my first grooming truck. I paid $6000 for it, borrowing $3000 from two different people. I drove it around town, and slowly got started with TLC Mobile Pet Grooming. God has blessed me with an Incredible Journey, to say the least. I like to say I have met the planet, so to speak, and groomed all the dogs and cats on it. My favorite part of the job is still making the mess, and making people happy with clean and pretty pets when I am done.

I’m sure my mother is finally happy, too, that the pets we board at Camp TLC, aren’t “lost”, but entrusted to us by their owners for short periods of time. Those “kids” too, go home clean, tired, and happy, which is gratifying to me.

E-mail: gail@mobile-pet-grooming.com

Brooke Martin

Brooke Martin

Hi my name is Brooke, I’m a Bay Area native with a passion for working with animals. In my free time I enjoy doing various activities outdoors of course with my beagle mix Ziggy tagging along by my side. I worked in the animal care industry for a few years doing doggie day care and boarding before finally discovering my love for grooming.

Being able to have the one on one interaction has taught me the correct way to patiently handle temperamental, elderly, or even just plain stubborn pets. By earning a certification in dog and cat CPR and first aid you will have a good piece of mind that your pet is in safe hands!

Sonia Machado

Sonia Machado

I grew up in the Azores Islands and moved to the United States in 2001. I am the youngest of 3 girls who was always bringing in stray animals. Taking care of them came naturally to me. Today I am a proud owner of 4 dogs, a cat and a Horse that I love dearly. As the saying goes, “do what you love and you will never work a day in your life”, that statement is most true for me. I have been grooming dogs professionally since 2006 and I constantly strive for being the best at what I do. I take pride in making my customers happy by going that extra mile for their pets.

My friends and family call me the crazy cat lady because I’m always trying to bring home strays. I currently have 2 cats and soon adopting a puppy!

It’s brings me great joy when I give back a nice clean dog and the client is happy with it![/ourteam]